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Managing your design business can be messy.
Designer Guide to Evernote is here to teach you how to save time and get organized.

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Without a doubt, Evernote is one of the secrets to my success as a web designer. I’m always surprised when I talk with other freelancers who say that they’ve heard great things about Evernote but just don’t think it’s for them.

If you have clients to track … Evernote is for you.

If you keep re-writing the same emails … Evernote is for you.

If you write to-do lists … Evernote is for you.

There are a hundred more reasons why Evernote is for you, friend, but I think the one that you should really care about is this:

If you want your client experience to improve … Evernote is for you.

I look forward to teaching you the time-saving secrets I’ve discovered and the keys to organizing your Evernote so that it’s easy to navigate and use.

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Getting Started with Evernote for Designers
Evernote Basics: Notes, Notebooks, and Stacks, Oh My!
Customize Your Evernote Sidebar with a Notebook Hierarchy
Create a Business Stack in Evernote
Create Client Notebooks in Evernote
Evernote Add-Ons for Organizing your Design Business
Evernote Success Tips for Designers

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